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In my organization, our networked laser printers are mostly made by HP and we have a large number of them so anything to make managing them and their consumables would be a godsend.

One of the things to manage them, HP’s Web Jetadmin, has been out there for quite a while but I finally got around to check it out.

The printer works great but it isn’t networked so every time something needs to be printed I have to tote the laptop into the room and hook it up via USB. An office was getting rid of a bunch of stuff recently and one of the things they got rid of was an HP Jet Direct 300X j3263a.This goes out across the network as you specify to find the different networked or PC connected devices that Web Jetadmin can understand.With this functionality, Web Jetadmin can minimally double as an asset manager program.Once the scan is run, you should hopefully have a populated list of the printers you can interact with through Web Jetadmin.One particularly nice capability of Web Jetadmin is how it simplifies the process of updating a printer’s firmware.Upon installing this software, the software detects the print server fine, and wants to upgrade, but it just sat there for a few minutes and then went back to the screen it was on before.