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Pediatricians never worry about whether babies get enough sleep, only whether parents are getting enough sleep. Mark Widome, answers some of viewer’s most frequent questions about new babies, sleep, and how to survive the first few months. Sleep requirements for babies vary greatly — as they do for adults.

But, on average, a newborn baby needs about twice as much sleep as an adult. Of course, infant sleep is broken up into very small chunks: a baby who nurses every 2 to 3 hours is likely to take at least a short nap between most of those feeds.

Still, they also have a lot of wisdom to share about the highs and lows of having their little ones close together or farther apart.

If you're feeling conflicted about how long to wait, consider their experiences—it might help you decide whether you should keep the baby monitor by your bedside and your Exer Saucer in the playroom or stow them in the back corner of your basement for a while longer.

Something I've learned from working with thousands of parents over the years is that we are all different and our children are all different.

You do what you feel comfortable with, and you make changes along the way if you need to.

The Playground Wisdom: With rapid-fire family additions, you'll condense the time you spend in baby mode.

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Although REM sleep is considered “active” sleep, with eye movements under closed eyelids, dreaming, facial expressions, and lots of body movement, this is actually very restful sleep, and it is the kind of sleep that allows one to feel fully rested the next morning.

We all have things to do and we all have our own personal insanity beeper that starts to go off when we've done nothing outside of care for a newborn for so long.

Add in an extreme lack of sleep to the picture and you've got My goal is to help you not get to that permanent-shoulder-injury-from-holding-a-sleeping-child and can't-walk-without-running-into-the-wall you-are-so-tired state.

For example, it is common for a 4 month old's 4th nap of the day to be a catnap, as well as a 7 month old's 3rd nap.

As long as the other naps are a decent length then this is not a problem.