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His talents as a visual artist were first demonstrated through his inventive music videos, and he eventually launched a film company called Single Cell Productions.

In 1999, Single Cell released two acclaimed films—the documentary in 2012.

M.’s take on Jimmy Webb’s classic “existential country song” “Wichita Lineman” (1994) made famous by Glenn Campbell who recorded the song in 1968.

In a post on his Instagram page (@michaelstipe) tonight, MIchael announced that the new single by Fischerspooner, which he produced, is out and available on i Tunes: “HAVE FUN TONIGHT the new song by Fischerspooner is out now on i Tunes ! photographer Laura Levine which she says she never saw until earlier this week: “I found it on one of my contact sheets of R.

I am happy that attitudes have matured and changed, and I feel lucky that I live in a country where acceptance, tolerance and policy toward HIV-ADS and LGBTQ issues have advanced as far as they have." Currently, it is illegal to be homosexual in Uganda.

After being introduced to the stage, Wambere stated, "Thank you.

He soon hooked up with a record store clerk named Peter Buck, and the two decided to start a band. They followed the releases with an ambitious world tour, during which Berry suffered a cerebral hemorrhage onstage.

Together with drummer Bill Berry and bassist Mike Mills, they formed R. After the albums In the 1990s, Stipe began to turn his attention to filmmaking.

Talking on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing podcast, he revealed that he nearly played John Doe in the 1995 movie.

In the below video, the musician explains that as a young queer – Stipe has identified himself not as gay, but as queer – under the Reagan-Bush administration, he found himself in fear of having his civil rights stripped of him, of "quarantine" and "the threat of internment camps" should he was found being tested for HIV.

"I waited five years to get my first anonymous test. I'm here standing before you to celebrate what I did not expect.

They released their debut album, Born John Michael Stipe on January 4, 1960, in Decatur, Georgia, singer, songwriter and producer Michael Stipe is best known as the frontman for the influential rock group R. Though quiet as a child, he emerged from his shell in high school, using his musicality and appreciation of punk music to his social advantage.

With his father in the military, Stipe spent his formative years moving from base to base around the country.