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"It has been estimated that Facebook activities contribute to at least 20% of divorce cases."Dr.

Bernie Hogan, a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) of Oxford University, has long been interested in how online social network use affects real-life relationships.

The bottom line is that rising temperatures cause carbon levels to rise.

Carbon may still influence temperatures, but these ice cores are neutral on that. Some other factor is more important than carbon dioxide, or carbon’s role is minor.

Scientists previously suggested this would not occur until 2070.

The thickness of ice in the central Arctic ocean declined by 65% between 19; record lows in the maximum extent of Arctic sea ice occurred in March.

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On a recent trip to Italy, I found myself in a city park in central Milan and a weather station caught my eye.I have attached a couple of photos along with a map showing its location.The station is attached to a lab which is part of a greenhouse in gardens.Interviewed by Breitbart’s Joel Pollak, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says the American people deserve ‘a true legitimate, peer reviewed, objective, transparent discussion about CO2.’ Pruitt calls for the establishment of a ‘Red Team/Blue Team’ of scientist to examine ‘what do we know, what don’t we know, and what risk does it pose to health, the United States, and the world’. He was a graduate of Brooklyn (NY) High School, where he was a city bus driver.Butch’s passions were his wife, Betsy, his grandchildren, children, farming, hunting and his livestock.